Why not expand into Japan with your new creation? We help make sure your first foray into Japan is a fantastic success.

What we offer?

We support innovation from around the world interested in entering the Japanese market via our e-commerce store. By starting from your existing promotional materials such as videos, images, infographics, we translate, localize and create new materials on your products to target Japanese consumers. 

Build your ideas, discover new horizons.
About our Store provides you with a platform to sell your product in Japan through an established online store with 21,000 users.

We offer a wide variety of gadget and lifehack-style products, and currently have five collections to appeal to the Japanese market (Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, bone conduction technology and health)

The online store targets the 25 to 45 year old demographic. It will allow you to test the waters in Japan and see how consumers react to it.

Relax! We handle everything for you.

We want to make sure that the process is as easy and simple as possible for your launch into Japan. Our aim is to minimize the hassle you face in your market expansion.

After you have reached your crowdfunding goal for your project and started producing your products for public consumption, you’ll see that with Gloture taking the next step and expanding into Japan is easy if you have the right guidance and support. We guide you every step of the way in Japan. 

Why choose Gloture?

We want to ensure that you reach your long term goals and find success through your entry into Japan. We have a proven track record of success, just look below at a few of our successful products currently available on our e-commerce store.

Weicheng Zhou
InnovArt Design Inc.

Gloture is a super productive & responsive agency in Japan. Really appreciate what it did for my company. I definitely wish to collaborate with it again in the near future.

Eduardo Sarciat
Amazing people… really helpful and professional!
Apo Tsai
Qbitoy Team
(A very good team, familiar with Chinese, English and Japanese. I recommend Gloture to companies that need to raise funds from multinationals. Very good~)



We ensure your product complies with Japanese laws and standards, and we translate your existing marketing materials into Japanese.

PR & advertising

We can get your name out there through digital marketing and press releases, as well as working with key opinion leaders to promote your products.

Order management

We oversee the sale of your products on our online store and act as customer service for Japanese buyers. 

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Excited to bring your product to Japan? Learn more about Japanese consumers and find advice on how to get started and succeed in the Japanese market.

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We are always looking for businesses eager to expand into the Japanese market. Email us at[] or click below for more information.

GLOTURE.JP is our vertical E-Commerce website focusing on gadgets and lifehack items. Our website provides an easy platform for our clients to sell their products to the Japanese market.